Park Ave. & Farm Estates

A complete interior and exterior makeover drove this development from stalled to sold-out.


Toms River, NJ



Completed on


Situated in the tree-lined Toms River neighborhood, the picturesque Park Avenue and Farm Estates developments are private and peaceful. Sales were slow though, and when the Park Ave Estates development first went on the market, only 5 homes in the 24 home development sold.

After the developer reached out to HHDesigners for a design upgrade, we modernized the exteriors and interiors to appeal to potential buyers, revitalizing the development to suit the market. Having assumed control of the marketing, interest in the homes greatly increased and the development soon went from standstill to sold out. 

Following HHDesigners’ success in redesigning the Park Ave development, the developer built the Farm Estates development on a nearby plot. While still in the construction phase, all 24 homes were pre sold based on our designs and renderings.

Project name

Park Ave. & Farm Estates

Lead Designer



Toms River, NJ

Site Size

48 Homes

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