Extraordinary design is just the beginning

Don't settle for a space that's impressive, but impractical–or functional, but forgettable. Our team of 30+ designers and software experts bridge the divide, creating designs that move hearts, minds, and companies forward.

We believe that design should do more than look beautiful

It's why we:

Pry projects open to discover what fits your vision, solves your challenges, & boosts your profits.

Foster a work culture that encourages our team to  think bigger, bolder and smarter

Provide impeccable renderings and 3D models that let you visualize the end result

Always have a sack of coffee beans mid-pour. (Literally. We're mid-brew right now. Want some?)

Our team of creative titans

Meet our senior team. forward-thinkers and creators. Masters who never settle on mediocre. Minds that bristle with creative energy. We design fearlessly and aspire fiercely. Always with your bottom line in mind.


CEO, Principal Designer

As CEO, Principal Designer, and Chief Visionary at HHDESIGNERS, Heshy's gifted eye and passion for breaking molds is apparent in every project his firm undertakes. His impressive portfolio includes one-million-square-foot office parks, five-star hotels, 500-home residential developments, healthcare complexes, entertainment venues, and other spaces across the U.S. and around the world.

Whether planning a housing complex with hundreds of units or overhauling a bustling casino, Heshy approaches his work with refreshing originality, inventing ingenious ways to add value and novelty. He elevates design beyond form and function, anticipating the ways in which people will engage with a finished space. Always intent on maximizing the potential in every square foot of space, Heshy has repeatedly distinguished himself as a brilliant space planner, devising innovative solutions that challenge the conventions of commercial design.

A creative thinker with a keen analytical mind, Heshy never loses sight of the ultimate goal: his clients’ ROI. He is careful to respect budgets and business strategies, always ensuring that design decisions are not only artistic but also intelligent choices.

He studied design in Tel Aviv and now lives in Toms River, New Jersey with his wife and children.


COO, Creative Director

As HHDESIGNERS’s Creative Director, Moshe skillfully coordinates the myriad moving parts of each project to ensure an exceptional outcome and client experience. Adept at seeing both the larger picture and the fine details necessary to bring every design to fruition, Moshe’s logistical genius is rivaled only by his vision. He has been a crucial force of growth in HHDESIGNERS since its inception, leveraging tremendous resourcefulness to transform a one-man outfit into an international commercial design agency.

Known for his forward-thinking, entrepreneurial approach, Moshe is perpetually searching for opportunities to streamline processes, exceed expectations, and unite the right people to create unstoppable teams and unparalleled results.

Moshe lives in Toms River, NJ with his wife and daughter.

Watch our people in action

Meet the creative minds behind every design.

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Values we value

The perspectives that drive us. The beliefs that make us tick.

We're partners, not providers

As your strategic design partners, we're here to advise, devise and revise according to your needs. We’re in this together.

When faced with hurdles, we jump

Perceived obstacles don’t stop us. They challenge us to an exhilarating, sword-raising duel. Heads up: We always win.

We're obsessive about details

Millimeters matter. We don't walk away until every last plan, layout, texture, color, and material is refined to utter perfection.

Responsibility. We take it seriously.

We don’t just hear. We listen. We’re attentive to your concerns, responsive to your questions, and we never leaving you hanging.

Design for people, not magazines

The "ooh"s and "aah"s are nice, but if designs don't work, they're worthless. We design for real life and real people—not our portfolio.

Bring larger-than-life to life

Let our experts weave vision and craft beauty into unforgettable spaces that challenge the status quo—and take you where you want to go.

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