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Designs that align with your brand story as a assisted living facility:

Here are some renderings of designs for assisted living facilities:

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Our assisted living facility design services have a proven process:

During your initial consultation, we'll discuss your needs, determine if we're a potential fit, and present you with a custom proposal.

We discuss your needs and goals in a 30-minute complimentary consultation.

You'll receive a detailed proposal, including inspiration photos based on what we believe you're looking for and cost estimates for the project.

If you decide to proceed with partnering with us, you'll e-sign the proposal and submit a deposit to get started—no paper, no hassle.

and Onboarding

We understand that every business is unique, and so are its design needs. In the discovery stage, we define and articulate your design requirements, preferences, and long-term objectives.

Our team is curious about the challenges your assisted living facility faces, we’re committed to your ROI and driven to achieve your vision. In a 90-minute onboarding session, we’ll explore your goals and dreams for your facility. In-person is best, but we can also meet via video call through the HHDesigners app.

Our creative team, led by our Executive Vision Director, crafts a custom design brief that reflects the project vision, goals, timeline, scope, and budget for your specific assisted living facility.

Our Vision Director will walk you through the brief and explain what you can expect in detail, so there are no surprises along the way.

and Schematic Design

We begin every design by doing meticulous research and in-depth analysis. For your assisted living facility we prioritize your goals. Our design team will create a space that feels like home — or a home away from home — for your residents.

Through extensive industry and market research, we provide recommendations that align with the preferences and tastes of your client demographic — safety, sanitation, and comfort being just a few of the most important aspects of a successful assisted living facility.

We create a functional floor and furniture plan that not only maximizes the impact of your design but also ensures a flow that perfectly serves your team and your residents. Whether it’s ensuring that your floor plan is easily navigated by staff and residents, or that all safety measures are in place for the furniture we select. 

We develop a schematic design, including the colors, styles, and materials best suited to your space.

We conduct a thorough financial review to ensure that the design elements we've chosen align with your allocated budget, and present the floor plans and schematic design for your approval.

and FF&E

We know how important it is to be able to visualize how your assisted living facility design will look before the work begins. Our masterful renderings make you feel like you're already there, so you know exactly what to look forward to.

We present beautiful 3D renderings to offer a flawless peek and real-time view of your future assisted living center. 

We understand that as an assisted living facility, you’ll likely need materials that are easy to clean and fixtures that can be easily — and safely — used by your residents. For this reason, we select the FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) that work best for your space, and provide sample materials when possible to give you a physical feel for your design. 

Every product is spec'd beforehand, eliminating all guesswork regarding what material should be used or how much of it is needed. (We only spec national brands, so they are easier to get and distribute anywhere in the world.)

The Spec Book

Get ready for the big reveal of your assisted living facility. Your very own Spec Book is a comprehensive book of design plans tailored to inform and direct your architects, contractors, and builders during every step of the construction process.

Receive a beautifully designed hard copy, as well as PDF and CAD drawings to share with your contractor.

From precise ID drawings to 3D renderings, from elevation and lighting plans to floor plans to fixtures, everything you need is always at your fingertips.

After the spec book is completed, we’re available to answer any questions or concerns you or your contractor have about the design of your assisted living facility. We are as thrilled as you are to see your vision come alive.

About HH Designers and our history with assisted living facility interior design

As an assisted living facility you want to create an environment that makes your residents feel safe, without jeopardizing their independence and well-being. Your facility isn’t a place to simply stay, it’s a place for them to truly live and enjoy their retirement. 

As we age, our senses, mobility, and our preferences change. We start to enjoy different activities, our opinions become stronger, our limbs may become less limber, and even our senses change. For many, moving into an assisted living facility can be an emotional rollercoaster. 

HH Designers understands the importance of addressing the physical and emotional changes that come with aging. 

We’ve gained a deep understanding of the challenges residents face, including mobility, logistics, and legal rights. We consider exactly how the spaces in your assisted living facility will be used, and how we can promote a safe and healthy environment for residents and staff alike.


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No matter where your assisted living facility is, we execute beyond expectation

Whether your assisted living facility is located in Arizona or Alaska, HH Designers can create a space that reflects the cultures, trends, and styles of the area you’re located in. We take time to understand who your potential residents are and how we can create an environment that meets their unique needs. 

The location of your facility won’t limit our designers. We take inspiration from the surrounding communities. Our goal is to create an environment where your residents can thrive. 

Our goal is to bring your vision to life. No matter where your assisted living facility is located, let us help your healthcare facility make its mark on the world. 

FAQs about our design services for assisted living facilities

How does HH Designers work to meet the needs of seniors?

We understand that moving into an assisted living facility isn’t easy for many seniors. When designing these facilities, the needs of seniors are at the forefront of our minds, including the following:

  • Avoiding safety hazards by installing slip-resistant, easy-to-clean flooring to ensure resident and staff safety.
  • Moving into assisted living often involves a lot of downsizing for seniors, we want to provide a space that allows residents to bring the comforts of home with them. 
  • Using colors and patterns to help with orientation or finding their way throughout the facility.
  • Creating an environment that encourages interaction and socialization, but also promotes privacy.

We don’t believe in mediocrity. We want to help assisted living facilities promote health, happiness, and confidence in their residents while providing a luxurious living experience.

Do you only do design work for assisted living facilities in New Jersey?

We work with assisted living communities all over the country. Our design team travels near and far to bring your vision to life. 

Although our flagship office is located in New Jersey, we have helped with design projects all over the country, including: 

  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • South Carolina
  • Washington

Why should you choose HH Designers to design your assisted living facility?

Assisted living facilities are often given a bad rap. Buildings full of small, outdated rooms, with very few amenities and most often, hardly referred to as luxurious living. 

HH Designers wants to help end that stigma. 

When you choose HH Designers, you’ll provide future residents with a luxurious living experience. We create assisted living facilities that are not only modern and high tech, but cozy and comfortable. 

When you choose HH Designs, we can help your assisted living facility create a space that provides functionality, safety, and most importantly independence. 

We’re a team of visionaries who create larger-than-life spaces. We ensure every detail is refined to complete perfection — your vision becomes our vision.

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